Alca is the largest sanitary technology manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe and focuses on high quality, utility and aesthetics. Cooperation with top designers has brought Alca several design awards such as Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award or Design Plus. Since 2023, it has been a member of the Association of Czech Industrial Design.

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ROBOT is a mechanical watchmaker from the Czech Republic, inspired by the iconic expression “robot” and Prague’s astronomical clock. The company creates attractive mechanical watches with a high proportion of handwork and high-quality Swiss movements in small series.



Bomma, a manufacturer of crystal lamps, proudly follows the tradition of Czech glassmaking which it takes to a whole new level thanks to constant innovation and its own technological know-how. Since the company’s establishment, Bomma has emphasized the highest quality, original design with perfect details and top glass craftsmanship.



The Czech brand of high-quality lighting BROKIS represents a combination of refined design, perfect quality and extraordinary skills of Czech glass masters. The original collection of BROKIS luminaires designed by renowned Czech and foreign designers has won international recognition and received numerous awards in prestigious design competitions at home and abroad.



Organizer of the Prague International Designblok Festival and the Czech Grand Design Awards.



The Egoé brand helps users of its products to step out of their comfort zone, but as conveniently as possible. The Egoé portfolio includes outdoor furniture, built-in installations for car-camping and sports equipment. The unifying element is the emphasis on functionality, durability and a timeless visual language. It is not the form that is important, but the use value.



FESTKA is a Czech technology company specializing in the custom production of road bikes and carbon frames of the highest quality. Under the leadership of founders Michael Moureček and Ondřej Novotný, the company cooperates with leading researchers in the field of advanced materials, engineering and technology. Under the wing of the European Space Agency (ESA), Festka is at the cutting edge of bicycle development. In the field of design, Festka has established itself by collaborating with many artists and designers, making riding a Festka bike a source of pride for people from all corners of the world.

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We design and manufacture original furniture in the heart of Europe. We have been working with metal on the Czech-Saxon-Bavarian border since 1965. We continue the centuries-old tradition of industry in our region with all due regard for sustainability and harmony with the surrounding nature and society.



The Karlovy Vary porcelain factory G.BENEDIKT, founded in 1881, combines master craftsmanship and precision in porcelain production. Since the foundation stone of the porcelain factory was laid, G.BENEDIKT has become synonymous with top quality porcelain. Today, it is one of the largest porcelain factories in the Czech Republic, specializing mainly in the production of hotel porcelain.


The family company Janošík produces windows and doors for modern architecture. All-glass walls that connect the houses with the surrounding nature. With a focus on minimalist design, clean details, frameless glazing that let the beauty of the architecture resonate.



Manufacturer of mechanical toys made from sheet-metal which are set in motion by the human hand and a sophisticated system of cogwheels, gears and springs. These toys hide in themselves skills, patience, diligence, years of experience and loving relationship of the people who have been creating them since 1946 without interruption. Generations have played with them and despite the digital age they are still attractive and educational for today’s children.

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LASVIT is a Czech glass and design company that focuses on custom-made lighting installations and collections of lighting, drinking and decorative glassware. Since its establishment in 2007, LASVIT has been true to its mission to bring its worldwide range of clients the beauty and piece of the Czech Republic, inspiring thus the world. The company builds on the long history of glassmaking in the north of the Czech Republic. LASVIT’s founder Leon Jakimič runs the company with respect for this tradition, but also with a passion for bold design and modern technology.

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We are a family company from Boskovice. For almost 30 years we have been producing design and ergonomic seating for offices, public and private spaces. We cooperate with a number of Czech and foreign designers and our products regularly appear in works of interior designers and architects. We pride ourselves on the precise craftsmanship of all our products, from the foam filling, which we manufacture ourselves in our subsidiary PUR Seating, to the sewing and upholstery.



LIKO-S is a strong, international and innovative company that is a champion of premium building systems that create better buildings for people and nature. We are the European leader among interior partition manufacturers and we set trends in green building. The common feature of our products is the emphasis on quality and cutting-edge design.


We wanted even ordinary lockers for personal belongings to have a worthy representation in the interior. LOCKERS can hold countless personal treasures, from tablets and binders to a teddy bear and a basket-ball. Our lockers are a timeless and versatile product that finds its use in offices, libraries, schools, shopping centres, galleries or museums. Always with a clean design and in a colour palette that fits to any interior.


Our manufacture combines modern technology and a high proportion of handmade work, original author’s design and time-tested materials such as brass or stainless steel with various surface finishes. These are our main strengths which have guided us for more than twenty years and have led us to be one of the absolute top European manufacturers of door and window fittings.


We value our cities so we try to make them even more beautiful wherever they are. We design, develop and manufacture urban furniture, and our products can be found all over the world. Our portfolio includes urban benches, trash cans, bike racks or shelters. All of them are united by a consistently applied authentic design and high aesthetic value. We place great emphasis on the use of functional and durable materials, meaningful ecological sustainability and the principles of the circular economy.



We don’t make, we create. It would be hard to find a group of artists gathered under one roof and working under as much pressure as the team of glassmakers at Moser. The production of a vase requires the collaboration of more than 40 master glassmakers. The glass on a glass pipe can sometimes weigh more than 25 kilograms.



We produce upholstered furniture with a tradition that dates back to 1957. We pride ourselves on honest craftsmanship with a large proportion of handmade work while using modern technology. Our focus is on the private and public sector, as well as custom manufacturing. Our goal is to produce quality furniture with a long life and thus to raise the standard of living of Czech households.



Preciosa Lighting is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of lighting installations. Centuries of glassmaking tradition together with the craftsmanship of its glassmakers, master girdlers and metal fabricators, enable the company to bring the creative visions of its designers to life.

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In collaboration with experienced designers, we create inspiring bathrooms that have been thought out down to the smallest detail. We always look for unique technical solutions, and we work with respect for the materials used and for quality craftsmanship. To make our clients enjoy their bathroom the same way even after years of usage is our main goal.



Since our beginnings in 1991, we’ve had a desire to create chairs that people love. Ergonomic, functional, long-lasting and with quality design. And for over 30 years, we’ve been doing just that. Today, Czech Rim chairs make office days more enjoyable for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The use of quality materials, perfect workmanship, great design, but also ecology and sustainability – this has been decisive for us from the beginning.

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SilentLab is a purely Czech company behind an original acoustic concept that makes any interior soundproof and brings peace and privacy to even the noisiest spaces. The MICROOFFICE® acoustic meeting rooms have become the flagship. It can provide complex acoustics on a turnkey basis, including completely atypical solutions. Quiet zones which change your view of the workspace, but most importantly provide users with the ideal place to work in a calm and focused manner.



The Todus brand builds on a 30-year-long tradition of producing quality outdoor furniture. We create elegant and comfortable furniture that enhances the uniqueness of any outdoor space. We offer customers timeless products that will meet their expectations at any event. Whether it is an everyday moment spent with family and friends, or special occasion that everyone will remember for a lifetime. All Todus products are manufactured in Opava using carefully selected materials which come from Europe.



We create furniture in a place where the hand bending technology has been used since 1861. However, we keep pushing its possibilities further and we combine it with contemporary design ideas and manufacturing processes. Our chairs and tables thus become a unique combination of quality, timeless shapes and generations of people who keep learning to understand wood. 


We put our hearts into our products and what we do is an honest work. We are creating a better world. In today’s hectic and demanding times, our hot tubs and pools help to reach life-balance and they compensate for a demanding lifestyle. We are not a mass production company, we don’t manufacture our hot tubs on a treadmill. We follow the path of individual approach and custom production. Our customers are individuals and for them we create spas that meet high demands and requirements for technology, design and comfort. Each of our products is well thought out and reflects our ample experience. You’ll know the difference at a glance.

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